Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Opening Post

I have never used an airplane lavatory. On a recent flight back from Oakland, I told this to a co-worker of mine who was flying with me. His reaction, in a Spanish accent (he's from Spain), was: "wow ... that is an amazing achievement!" I was struck by that word - achievement. Is it? You be the judge.

That's what this blog is about. I will expound on this in future posts, but for now just know that I have flown to the following places from the southwestern United States:
* Buenos Aires, Argentina
* Managua, Nicaragua
* Tahiti
* Lima, Peru
* Cancun, Mexico
* Hawaii (twice)
* New York (5-10 times)
* Chicago (10-15 times)
* Miami (3-4 times)
* Seattle (3-4 times)
* Portland
* Austin
* Lubbock
* Denver

I can't remember any other long flights, but mix with that probably another 30-50 flights between Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, San Jose, San Francisco, etc. I repeat, at no time have I ever used an airplane lavatory. My knowledge of airplane lavatories is limited to that scene in Tommy Boy.

Consider this a blog about my lavatory-free travels, though I may chime in on other issues occasionally. I'm thinking about keeping a tally of airmiles, or maybe just the number of flights while holding successfully. We'll see.


  1. Ok 2 questions. Does your body go into "camping mode" when you fly or do you take any steps to reduce your food and beverage intake when preparing to fly?

    Now let's say you're boarding a flight to India, let's say it's 14 hours. Would you take such steps to keep the streak alive? You would right?

    Quite an achievement indeed...

  2. Ok--are all these flights non-stop? No layovers? Impressive!! I think I've used it once...and it was on a short flight. SLC, I think. LAME. The longest flights I've gone on and not used the bathroom is LAX-NYC and LAX to Maui. Not as impressive as Buenos Aires...but I'm also downing the diet cokes on my flight. :)

    BTW, Tommy Boy is one of my favorite movies!! heehee