Saturday, April 25, 2009

Unfair Advantage?

When I was two weeks old, the doctor that delivered me identified an abnormality in one of my kidneys. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that I had a deformed kidney, and that it had to be removed immediately. So I've gone 35 years now on one kidney. (Which reminds me, I remember when I was preparing to go to Argentina for a couple of years in the mid 90's that I had a routine X-Ray of my upper torso, and the technician pulled me aside to inform me that I was missing a kidney. So I can confirm there's still vacant territory in my lower left abdomen).

Anyway, I bring this up in full disclosure to say that it's POSSIBLE that having one kidney might mean that I have a slower metabolism as far as processing liquids goes, and that this blog should be renamed to something else. Amazing But Slow Kidney?

On the other hand, maybe the one-kidney thing is an independent issue, and in fact I really do have an amazing bladder. I hestitate to say that it's a large bladder, I'm not aware as to where it fits in the human distribution. If there is ever a doctor or medical student that reads this and decides that having one kidney is playing a role here, than maybe I'll cut my airmiles in half or something. Meanwhile, let's press forward with the assumption that this is all still an "amazing achievement."

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